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Giggles, the Reader

As an elementary teacher, my students called me Miss Giggles more than they did my actual name. And I loved it. It was a nickname given to me by my students my first year teaching, and I decided to keep it. There are worse names students can come up with.

I love to read. My books are some of my greatest possessions. I dream some day of having a whole wall of bookcases full of books. And it would be even better if I had read all of them. A good library is a must for me.

Because people know I love to read, they are constantly suggesting new books for me to read, or asking me what books I would suggest for them.

This blog is a place for me to keep a record of all the books I have read and what I thought of them. I have been keeping track of the books I’ve read since 2003 on another website. Those reviews will slowly be moved here. I hope that by putting the reviews on a blog it will be more usable, that people will be able to search the reviews for subjects or authors more easily. And if they have read the book, perhaps make a comment as well.

But remember, this is my library. And as such, I have complete control over the content.

Update: July 11, 2008. Expect this site to change a lot over the next several weeks as I figure out the best way to organize as much information as I have.

Update: As of August 4, 2008, all of my past reviews since 2003 are up and available. You can look up a book in the search, browse the title or author pages, or use the tags to find all the books in a series. Enjoy!

Update: On September 7, 2008 (Read a Book Day) I added new page (Wish List) with a partial list of books I would like in my library some day.

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